Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution.

Is your workplace ready to create a Gift Mindset® Culture?
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GIFT MINDSET is a profound and powerful book with insights, interviews, stories, case studies, and tips that will help to adopt and embrace the gift mindset in your life and workplace culture.
Each chapter will explore and expand on each of the 12 key gifts.

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Renée’s gift and point of difference are whatever she educates her clients in, she lives and practices in her business and life. She is often on the radio sharing her message and has had her inspirational insights and thought leadership published in Huffington Post, Coaching Life, Retail World and many more. She is the founder and host of the Limitless Leaders Podcast.

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Unwrap the 12 gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection and contribution.

By: Renee Giarrusso


ISBN: 9780648796466
Number of Pages: 288

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Something that really resonated with me was “judgement from others” and this has changed my mindset that talking about one’s successes doesn’t mean you are gloating. This has certainly made me think deeper in how I can better myself in sharing my successes. I have already applied this to discussions with my team and I’m keen to develop myself in this area.

Michael Ritoli - CUBMichael Ritoli, General Manager | CUB premium Beverages at Carlton & United Breweries

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In this fascinating book, leadership and communication expert, Renée Giarrusso teaches us how to view challenging situations — and successes too —  as ‘gifts’; each is valuable for the lessons it teaches us. With the right mindset, we can learn to embrace, apply and share the lessons in our personal and professional lives.

Most of us experience challenges, crises, sadness and triumphs and success at some point over the years. Life throws us curveballs. Some are made of glass and hard to catch, some bounce off us and others seem to fall straight into our hands. The author calls these ‘gifts’. How we catch (or drop) these gifts depends on our mindset, perspective, beliefs, experiences, values and so many other things. In this thought-provoking book, Renée teaches us how to adopt a gift mindset to learn from these life experiences and appreciate them as gifts. 

The first part of this book explains the benefits of adopting a gift mindset and barriers you might face; the second introduces us to the 12 Gifts, which are: 

Gift of Growth

Gift of Resilience

Gift of Empathy

Gift of Forgiveness

Gift of Change

Gift of Courage

Gift of Curiosity

Gift of Optimism

Gift of Connection

Gift of Contribution

Gift of Gratitude

Gift of Re-energising

Each chapter is dedicated to unwrapping each gift. There are stories and research to illustrate how the gift can be useful, and tools and practical advice on how you can reframe what can seem to be a challenge into an opportunity. At the end of each chapter, there is a GIFT process to help you share the gift with others and a bomboniera – five key takeaway to ensure you embed and share the learnings for yourself, your team and loved ones.

This book is for you…

  • if you want to embrace challenges and successes and unwrap and share the gifts within

  • if you want to create a team and workplace culture of openness, connection and collaboration

  • if you are caught up in the “doing” of life and need to reflect on the “gifts that have got you to where you are now

  • if you would like to build on key life skills and explore the 12 key gifts to incorporate these into your life and leadership

  • if you are ready to deepen your self-awareness and acceptance of life’s lessons and share these to contribute to others

  • if you are ready to break down the barriers you may face and reap the benefits

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In this thought-provoking book, Renée teaches us how to adopt the Gift Mindset to learn from these experiences and appreciate them as gifts. Many workplace cultures are transactional and performance focused, adopting a Gift Mindset culture promotes openness, connection and collaboration.

The stories, interviews, insights and practical tools can be easily applied to take your life, leadership and organisation to the next level.